Thursday, February 12, 2015

Big Sister

Disclaimer: I wrote this for almost an hour on a break from study time. Its raw and unedited. Enjoy reading!


I was blessed with 3 siblings i call my folks
A Kuya i never met, 2 Ates who always invokes (ahem)
We grew side to side, we know each other day or night
We love, we used to cuddle, we sometimes fight.

In spite our different personalities,
We understand each others inconsistencies
We have a leader our big sister,
Who is always there and never falter.

When i was young, she used to teach me how to write;
Even my name, and never gets tired of teaching me till i get it right;
She taught me how to read even if i did not understand,
She never faltered, never retreated, never surrendered.

She always combs my hair from my forehead towards the back,
That is every time i went to kindergarten school way way back.
She always makes sure that i get dressed my best every sabbath day
For she knew we must look and feel good, for its not an ordinary day.

For all the things that she did (and still doing) for me, i will always be thankful.
My heart will always be happy, will always be grateful.
Now that i am an adult, i clearly understand,
Why she never submitted to falter, to retreat, and to surrender in any errand.

We continue to be different in so many ways,
Yet i never fail to show my respect and love for her in all days,
For i know that in forever and a day she will always be my sister,
And i will always be her little brother.


Happy Birthday Atchii!  wala man ko gift kay wala work... kini na lang ako g compose.. :-)

Much Alooooooohaaaa from me to you...

They say life begins at 40! Hihi. D bitaw ko sure if 40 naka... Murag 35 pa man guru? Haha

The Story Continues

(Disclaimer: this is unedited... this is what i felt and i just wrote it this very early in the morning...)

Should i give up to the one i love?
or should i give in to the one who loves me?
Either way comes a great responsibility
A responsibility that would cause your posterity

The past is behind, we should move-on with appreciation
The present is a gift, it doesn’t need justification
The future, lies ahead! we go forward with determination
What if you’re stocked? what motion will be your direction?

Its easy to say move-on, but have we? really?
tell me i am an idiot, who isn’t? anyway!
Steadfastly, i remain with my feelings in tact,
Rather than lose what i feel and go off track.

Sometimes we need to remain from behind , to become better.
Just like clinging to the past for a future that is bright and greater.
How magnificent it would be, to be with someone you ought to be with,
After all the ups and downs you remain strong and undefeated.

The story continues…..

I Call Her Ate

Disclaimer: I did not have a gift for her so i wrote something coming from my heart (Naks! cheezumss.. hihi) its raw and unedited... enjoy readin!

Who knows her? Nobody.
Nobody but herself;
Herself a fine woman,
A woman worth more than fine diamonds.

I call her ate, an older sister;
A sister from the beginning of time;
A time we know not how existed;
An existence with no beginning nor end.

I was with her since the beginning;
A beginning with no end;
An end from nothing;
A nothing to forever.

She was with me when i was bare.
Her being molded my innocence;
Forever i will be grateful,
Grateful with no measure.

She has never been perfect
Yet she's beautiful as a rose
Strong as the heat of fire
Soft as a cotton blanket

Were never perfect together;
Yet our togetherness made it perfect.
She's my confidant, my believer
I call her ate, my Ate Joanne.

......... Happy Birthday! I am waiting for a new nephew or niece... Hehe... Lol

Just Maybe

I keep on wondering what i feel,
I ask myself, is this for real?
It seems very surreal.
Now, its getting to be a great deal.

At first it was just like something,
I think now its becoming my everything.
Never have i thought this could be the thing,
Or just maybe this is it, this is the ring.

Never in a milli second that i never thought of you,
It seems hopeless romantic but its so true
I don't know where this feeling started
All i know is, i woke up with a feeling undaunted

I feel uncertain if this would end
For in my heart theres only forever and no end.
I hope for nothing but the best,
For i know this is something worth the quest.


Why in the world you're so difficult to counter
I try my best to defeat you from each encounter
No matter what i do, you seem bold and strong
I end up struggling, defending myself for long.

I contemplate if the culprit is either me or the opposition
I believe its due to the choices i make in every decision.
I feel grateful to have all the help i could get
Especially from the heavens above, i truly bet!

Time and again, i fall short and redeem myself
Human as i am, i falter sometimes and kick myself
Imperfect as i can be, i try harder to make myself free
From the temptations of the world that is vulgar and free.

Whenever i face a throng of enticements
I kneel down and express all my predicaments
Thats the best thing that i always do
For my heart tells me to do so.

I listen to what my heart speaks out
For i know it has the core values that never breaks out
I strive hard to overcome every challenges
Time will come it will never become a challenge.

I Know Its You!

I was trying to be creative with my writing so i explored the possibilities to create a lyrical piece that can be a match to an unsang melody. Friends, you might want to put music in it. Give it a try? It would be nice to collaborate you know... Hehe...

I was trying to think about you and nothing comes out but questions
I was trying to contemplate but my thoughts wont cooperate
I wonder whats going on with me, never been like this before
I tried harder to concentrate but i just couldnt anymore

The first time i met you was a moment of a life time
Watching you at the drivers seat wondering what to say was sweet
You said hello and i said its me! Now you see.
It was a wonderful moment to behold, it will always be remembered

Getting to know you was quiet a challenge you know.
I knew it would be a story worth remising in a year or two
It will be something to look forward to forever and beyond
With a feeling so pure, every human would never second.

I hope its you, i know its you
The love i dearly wait from years ago
I may look beyond calendar days,
I assure my feelings for you are true and true.

Time may continue to tick and tock
I will remain the man who will stick like a rock
This may seem surreal yet deep inside it is real
As real as the dreams i envisioned so long ago my dear...

Time will tell, time will reveal
I wont force the moment you hold dear
Its all up to you my dear, its all about you.
Please say yes and you're making my dreams come true.

I Am The Driver

Life is very surprising that sometimes the things you expect are not the ones you see on the table and the things you think of complacently are the ones that need attention and most of the time challenges the heck out of you. I don't know if you get the logic but my point is, life has its own way of maneuvering things to the point of letting you realize that, hey! You are the driver. Wake up and have focus to your destination, take charge!

More often than not, many people do not realize they are off track when they are actually beyond the demarcation line. Just like some people who died of smoking, let me take this as the first example. No one in this world was born with a stick of cigar on their fingers. Those who smoke started from a healthy lifestyle turned to just a fun-first-time-try to addiction of some sort and eventually realizing, gosh! I am hooked with this. Unfortunately, some people get lost when they are going through the pinnacle of an experience. Believe it or not, there is sometimes we call a way out if we chose to. How do we do it? By waking up to our senses, staying focused with our goals, and taking charge!

Life itself is ironic, weird, and incomprehensible. Its is tough if we think it is. But on the other hand, it is also wonderful, challenging, and worth living. We are so blessed because we chose to have life and we should not put it to waste. Our decision to be in this world goes far beyond our capacity to comprehend. There can be detours or unpleasant experiences but lets not give it the chance to pull us down, let us be determined! As 0g Mandino puts it, "Failure will not overtake you as long as your determination to succeed is strong enough." This particular quotation is special for me. It made me realize that true enough, being determined to accomplish something will get you to where you wanted to be. How do we do it? By waking up to our senses, staying focused with our goals, and taking charge!

Upon writing this article, my thoughts turned to my self knowing that i don't have a job yet and i am not getting any younger. Looking back at what i have been through getting the best education there is and having professional jobs with top level companies, everything has been a wonderful experience. I thought, why do i feel stocked? I don't think i have magnified the opportunities that came my way. So, after much contemplation i decided to detour on the norm of getting a job to be successful - as in financially stable... I ventured into business. I am new to it but i am not scared. I know it will be a tough journey but i am determined. There maybe inconsistencies at the moment yet i humbly work with it. I know for myself that i have the greatest support system that anyone could ever imagine: the best coach and mentor; most of all, the best team in the whole wide world! A journey has started, a new story will be told. It will be a good one. It will be about my life's success. I have woke up to my senses, i will stay focused with my goals, and i will take charge! Because i am the driver of my own destiny.